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Welcome To Malandra's Martial Arts Center
Malandra's Martial Arts Center is a community-oriented martial arts school, located in the heart of Suffern at 14A Lafayette Avenue. This 2007 we commemorate and celebrate our 21st year in business as one of the top martial arts training facilities in Rockland County. Our mission is not only in teaching the arts, but also in helping everyday people in improving their lives and staying in shape. It's not as difficult as you might think to get started - see our Frequently Asked Questions. Call us anytime at 845-368-0995 to view or attend a free class and personal tour of our Dojo.
Begin A New Journey at Malandra's Martial Arts Center
Children's Classes: Training at Malandra's Martial Arts Center teaches our children to be safe and self-disciplined leaders with a never quit goal oriented mind-set. Our children's curriculum helps our students gain the positive physical and mental skills needed to be able to perceive dangerous situations before they happen. But above all, our students learn how to overcome difficult obstacles in life, deal effectively with peer pressure and bullying, and gain the self-confidence necessary to achieve their individual dreams, visions, and goals.

Children in today's society are exposed and vulnerable to negative behaviors such as crime and drugs. In order for any child to stay on a positive path they must have the confidence to say "no" and work towards making themselves better people. At Malandra's Martial Arts Center, our instructors build this confidence so they can work towards reaching their fullest potential in all aspects of their life.

Adult Classes: The main emphasis of our adult curriculum is to teach personal protection and street awareness. All students will learn practical and offensive/defensive measures, techniques and concepts that will control and stop an aggressive attacker or attackers. Included in the training is stretching, reflex development, coordination and cardiovascular drills that aid in developing mental awareness, building stamina, reducing stress, and achieving a healthy and safe lifestyle.


REACT Program: REACT is an acronym for Responsive - Action - Confidence - Training. The mission of the REACT Program is to empower women and children through lectures and hands-on training in the fields of personal and family protection. The REACT Program is fun, interactive, and empowering and does not teach the martial arts. Classes are continuously offered at Malandra's Martial Arts Center and other locations. For a complete schedule and more info, please visit the REACT web site.


On Sunday, August 12th, Malandra’s Martial Arts Center and the Suffern Police Department sponsored “Cross Country Bike Ride for Jennifer” in order to help raise funds for Village of Suffern resident, Jennifer McKiever. Jennifer recently underwent a successful heart transplant operation. The bike ride raised additional monies to help pay medical expenses, not covered by insurance. The story was featured in the Journal News and on cable television. To date, we have raised over $21,000! I want to personally thank each and every one of you who participated in this cause. The McKiever family is most grateful and so am I!

Sensei Mike


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